cMinds integration into awarenet

Were are very proud to have shaped a learning network that is especially designed for African learners and educators. Together with the IT company eKhaya ICT, we are constantly working on enhancing the software and functions, partners provide excellent content to the social platform, which we help to integrate in a useful manner.

Another recent and wonderful example is the integration of a game that motivates users to learn the principals behind programming cMinds by the Lifelong Learning Programme. We have worked together with the learners to find out, in which way it would be best integrated into awarenet. Our volunteers Rieke and Antje have been talking to the learners to find out what exactly is needed to understand how to start and play the game within awarenet.

It turned out that it was basically a simple and short introduction to what can be done with the game, how to start it in awarenet and an explanation what the buttons mean. Sounds trivial, but nevertheless not easy. Somehow, the text that appeared with the mouse over so far didn’t tell them much, and many of them do not know mouse over. eKhaya ICT’s programmer Michael has then implemented the changes.

You can have a look at our Google Code issue to understand what we have done.

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