May the journey begin

Hi! I’m Lukas and I’m the new Sage Net volunteer for VSA in Grahamstown. For the next year I will post some personal experiences and impressions.


Hamburg – London – Johannesburg – Port Elizabeth. After 20 hours of travelling I finally arrived in Port Elizabeth on the 23/09/14, where I was picked up and brought to Grahamstown. Having a lovely surprise-braai at my landladies’ place I was able to get to know all my colleges and neighbors – not to forget the two dogs and the cat living with me.
The following day, one of my colleges showed me around Grahamstown which is a nice little city. We picked up a lot of stuff and made my new home cosy.
Then came my first proper work day…
I started the day by driving to the townships of Grahamstown, visiting one of the five competing schools at the peace day concert. The kids were quite nervous due to the fact, that this was the last preparation session. For the rest of the day we worked on the certificates which were about to be handed out to the best male rapper, best female rapper, best song, best song lyrics, best stage presence and the best peace day performance.
I hope everything will work out the way it’s planned – fingers crossed!

I’m really looking forward to working with VSA in all the different projects! The first day was quite promising what the rest of the year will be like.

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