awarenet Presentation at the Rotary Club in Pirna (Germany)

Anna Wertlen (VSA chairperson) and Antje Hering (ex SAGE Net. volunteer) presented the awarenet programme and Mrs Hering’s year in Grahamstown to the members of the Rotary Club of Pirna (Germany) on September 24, 2014.

The aim of the presentation was to showcase the planned project in partnership with the Technical University of Dresden (Saxony). Prof Schoop, Head of Business and Economics (Information Management) approached the VSA during Mrs Hering’s fundraising period in Germany and was interested to connect German and South African teachers online to enhance collaboration and education.

The Rotary members showed interest in funding the awarenet CQNT Project – certified qualification and networking of teachers (to implement information literacy sustainably in schools in SA). This is a great achievement and a big step forwards on our way to sustainability.

Proof Schoop and Dr Wertlen will now write an official funding proposal to the Rotary Club of Pirna. The project is planned to start in September 2015. The funding will help the VSA to have their awarenet training courses (combined IT and social development courses) certified by SETA South Africa, the Sector Education and Training Authority.

It will further connect teachers from selected schools in Germany and South Africa, so that they will be able to share resources and work on collaborative online projects while being supervised by eTutors from the TU of Dresden. The University also plans to have the project academically evaluated. If the project is successful, we will strive for a long-term partnership.

We are looking forward to the project and its development. We have great hopes for our community and their education prospects. If adopted, the awarenet programme will make a difference!

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