Annual planning meeting RUCE

On the 19th of October the Rhodes University Community Engagement (RUCE) department invited VSA to participate in the annual planning meeting. Dr Theresa Edlmann from the Rhodes History department was leading the discussion. The debate focussed on the relations between the different NGOs and the volunteers. We started with writing down different wishes of both sides sorted be the following captions: “Please do more of…”, “Please do less of…”, “Please start doing…”, “Please stop doing…”.

After presenting the varied points we worked on the conclusions to improve the collaborations in the future. Interestingly both sides, the NGO as well as the volunteers side requested a better communication. Therefore the emphasis will be put on a superior communication with help of the Rhodes Community Engagement as a facilitator.

Thanks to everybody who took part in the inspirational conversation and in particular to the RUCE department.
Looking forward to participating in future meetings!

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