My Culture. My Heritage. My Pride.


After our successful campaign on the International Day of Peace earlier this week, we attended another fantastic event today. Our learners from the C.M. Vellem Primary School invited us to attend their Heritage Day activities and to watch them perform traditional dances, songs and poems. Tomorrow, on September 24th, South Africa celebrates National Heritage Day. There are many events and commemorations all over the country to celebrate and remember the cultural heritage and diversity of all people who make up the population of South Africa. The school grounds were buzzing with learners, their parents and teachers, who all put great effort into making this day an amazing experience. The festivities started with a powerful opening speech, followed by the school choir, story telling and a drama performance. Several guest speakers were present as well and delivered inspiring speeches about what cultural heritage means to them and to the country as a whole. Afterwards, everyone gathered together for lunch that had been prepared by numerous helping hands before. We truly had a wonderful time and thank our learners from C.M. Vellem for the invitation!

Happy Heritage Day!




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