Looking back on one year of volunteering

Every person on earth shares at least one trait. The pursuit of happiness. It is anchored in all of us though everybody approaches this goal differently. In general happiness is the result of gratefulness. Being happy means being grateful. In a globalized world which forces people more and more to rush through life it is a challenge to take a moment and appreciate positive occurrences. Without that you can’t be grateful and without being grateful happiness is unreachable.
The most critical thing I take out of my stay in South Africa – besides the satisfaction of my conscience by doing good – is the ability to appreciate the little things and be more grateful for them.
In this regard I would like to thank Anna and Terri for their wonderful help and collaboration. I had an awesome time in Grahamstown meeting lots of amiable and enlightening people. The Joza location, the Joza Youth Hub and all my learners grew dearly to my heart. Since I’m staying in SA for another year I’m looking forward to meeting up with all my old companions.
I hope that VSA will  keep up the good work and Kim and Larissa will be able to contribute while having their own life-changing experiences.

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