Meet this year’s awarenet champions!

On June the 3rd, we hosted our very first awarenet soccer tournament at the Dlephu Stadium in Joza. Five of our schools (SDA PS, Archie Mbolekwa SP School, Ntaba Maria PS, C.M. Vellem PS, Good Shepherd PS) took part and played an amazing and fair tournament. It was part of our Health and Fitness Project during the 2nd term and we spent lots of time preparing our learners for it. We learned everything about a healthy lifestyle and diet, googled yummy recipes and created posters with the food pyramid and tips for balanced eating. On other days, we spent many hours improving our soccer skills in the outside area of the Joza Youth Hub and had to nurse the one or other muscle ache afterwards. Since not all of our learners wanted to participate in the tournament, some of them joined our awarenet movie class where we learned how to use a video camera and created interview questions for the soccer players. Even though it was freezing cold, they spent three hours filming from the sideline and took some great shots.

Having scheduled six games in total over three hours, we started off with Good Shepherd Grade 7 and SDA PS Grade 6. During the tournament, fruit bags, bread, drinks and chocolate were handed out to keep everyone hydrated and at full strength. In the end, C.M. Vellem Primary School’s Grade 9 and SDA Primary School’s Grade 7 played a nerve-wracking final and we are happy to congratulate C.M. Vellem for winning the tournament and being the very first awarenet champion! Well done!

We can’t wait for next year’s tournament to come and hope we can offer netball for the girls then as well. Also, we would like to thank Anna Schorr for giving us a hand during the tournament, Stephen Penney from Grocott’s Mail for taking amazing pictures, the Crazy Store for donating two brand new soccer balls, Rhodes Sports Department for lending us their soccer equipment and VetVital for being our general sponsor 🙂

Find all the pictures here.

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