Introduction: The new volunteers are coming.


We are Max and Xenia! This August we will go to Grahamstown in South Africa for 365 days. There we will volunteer at the Village Scribe Association which is teaching underpriviliged children how to use PCs and the Internet.

We won´t come unprepared though, because we attended the Sage Net preparation seminar in Bad Breisig (Germany) in July where we got a little sneak peek of the  South African culture and how it differs compared to the German one. Our days started with a tasty vegetarian breakfast, after which we began the learning phase of the seminar. Here we learned interesting facts such as the economic balance in the world, how to deal with veneral diseases and what we should do in a case of emergency. Whenever the group felt a little tired, we tried out exciting and funny energizers, short games with the intention of waking up the crowd.

After the first learning session, we had lunch. It was vegetarian and always delicious. Afterwards our second session began.

The evenings consisted of team bonding activities for instance story telling, group games and hiking. In the night we all gathered up around a little bonfire and sang songs and played the guitar. During this time we came together and became something comparable to a little volunteer family 🙂

We are looking forward to our time in SA.



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