Mcvay in Bremen! The travails of an awarenet learner

Our former intern and awarenet learner Mcvay Boko is now abroad in Germany for a year. He is taking part in the North-South component of the volunteer program weltwaerts which is designed to facilitate cultural exchanges between countries of the global north and south. The program is subsidized by the German state through the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. Youth from all over the world get the chance to work in Germany for a year, gain experience and knowledge about a  foreign culture, thereby giving them a head start in their occupational future.

Mcvay is currently working at a youth hostel in Bremen, a Hansestadt in northern Germany, where he is busy managing essential parts of the daily routine. During his stay in Bremen he has got to know different cultures and gained lots of new experience. Due to him living in a student dorm for international students he also gets in touch not only with Germans but people from all over the world. 

Mcvay reports that Bremen is treating him well and he is enjoying his stay there, despite the weather being dramatically different to South Africa this time of the year. He has now experienced snow for the first time and we wish him a continuous white Christmas!


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