‘Ice Age’ in Grahamstown

On Friday, December the 1st, we introduced the festive season with a movie night in the Joza Youth Hub. After our monthly Hub meeting we transformed the boring communal room into a nice and cozy movie area. We had some blankets and pillows so the children were able to enjoy the movie from a laying-on-the-ground perspective. 

Rod (VSA board member and Rhodes lecturer) brought his huge speakers and created a real cinema atmosphere. 

Now it was time to finally start our movie night.

All hands were up when we were negotiating about the movie. It was a clear YES for ‘Ice Age’. After we finished the first movie we decided to have a short break and everyone was able to drink and eat something. The break was over really quickly because all of them wanted to watch a second movie. What a surprise that they wanted to watch ‘Ice Age 2’. 

It was such a nice experience and we’re looking forward to plan more movie nights.

Let’s see what we’ll watch during our next movie nights 🙂 


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