The awarenet movie making course

The awarenet movie making course “How to create a short movie from beginning to end” for young  Open Lab users was offered in cooperation with Alette Schoon, a Rhodes University Journalism lecturer. The course took place on the 5th and 6th of December 2017.

The school learners taking part in the course were taught to draw storyboards, shoot scenes near the Joza Youth Hub – our base of operation – and finally edit the clips they had done. It all resulted in a lovely short movie that will be posted on our Youtube and Instagram pages. The participants, including one of our Open Lab supervisors, Sinesipho Soxujwa, learned how to shoot clips with their mobile phones, how to transfer them to a PC and how to work with Kdenlive, an open source and cost-free editing program available for Linux and other operating systems.  The program is easy to use and therefore perfectly suitable for beginners.


The participants also learned how to behave professionally on a set by concentrating and focusing while shooting the clips. Sinesipho, our Open Lab supervisor, and Sive Teyise, one of our learners at Archie Mbolekwa Primary School were very dedicated to the project and produced extraordinary work. While busy with their own clips, they helped the others and ensured the success of the project.

It was a pleasure working with Alette as she was also able to teach us as volunteers new aspects of movie making with the use of Kdenlive. 

On the second day of the course, we were aided by Jans de Jager, a former student of Alette, who helped us edit the clips into a movie and sorted out some general network issues.

We hope that we can continue with the course next year and achieve an even higher attendance then. 

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