awarenet is paypaling

awarenet is now connected to the PayPal financial service. This means that you are now able to donate money easy, fast and more convenient than using other methods. You can just browse through our website and open the page "Donate Online", there you will find a little Donate button. If you click on it you will be redirected to PayPal and can easily donate a sum of your liking using either your PayPal account or your credit card.

All donations received will be used on site in Grahamstown, South Africa. All our books are audited and since the inception of our organisation in 2011 we have always received a clean audit. The last audit was done in June 2018. Feel free to contact us in order to learn more about how we utilise donations or join the newsletter.

The awarenet program is run by the Village Scribe Association Trust which is a Public Benefit Organisation registered in South Africa and your donations are therefore exempt from tax.

If you are a tax payer in South Africa, your donation is tax deductible. Upon request we will issue a tax receipt for the donation which can be used for tax deduction purposes. The same applies to German tax payers as our German sister organisation is also registered as a legal non profit organisation in Germany.

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