With awarenet at the Science Fest

On the 9th of March the awarenet core group made an excursion to the Scifest – the annual Festival taking place in Makhanda/Grahamstown which showcases science, technology and innovation. This article is put together by videos and text created by the learners of the grade 10 core group themselves.

Even though the weather was kind of bad we tried our best to make the day enjoyable. The Scifest was an experience for everyone in the core group to be part of. The Festival was all about the history of science and particularly about the periodic table as it has its 150th Birthday this year.  We attended many different workshops:

Foam Gnomes

The first workshop was about physical and chemical reactions. We did an experiment where we mixed poly A, poly B and food colouring and it came out as foams with different colours. We did an experiment about a foam and we made hats out of them.








Splitting of Light

The second workshop was about observing different colours from different lights and we made a little box with a CD inside it.

Chemistry of Love

We also attended a love chemistry workshop whereby we were told about the formation of love. We were also told about what goes on in a person’s mind when one is in love. We also learned that love is a form of addiction.

Laser Show

We also watched a laser X show that showed us how science can be very cool. This was made by three guys who are technical operators in Idols.

Science inspires Creativity

Then we went to another  interesting workshop that was  about being creative scientifically and thinking outside the box.

 This show was run by an American lady who taught us about different cultures and how life could be like on other planets. Each and everyone was given a paper and some pencils and we were told to choose a culture and write something about it.

The festival made it possible for everyone in Makhanda to have knowledge about science even if you are not doing science but you can feel part of it. l hope we have learnt a few things about science. I believe that to have knowledge about science you don’t need to study science or become a scientist.

This Blog post was created by the members of the Learning Group Grade 10.

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