Awarenet at Masicule

Expectations were high when the curtains opened and the voices of Makhanda’s choirs started to fill the air at this year’s Masicule event. Awarenet made sure not to miss out on this great demonstration of local talent and took 25 of our learners to the monument to enjoy the show. The learners were very excited about the event and gave overwhelmingly positive reviews.

“It was great to see so many different people come together and bless us with their musical talent”, one awarenet learner said and Martin, our current volunteer from Germany, even described it as a “musical experience unlike any other he had had before”. All the singers were on top of their game and the event featured a special guest appearance by the award-winning Sibongile Mngoma, who everyone was very happy to see. It was a enjoyable evening for everyone involved and the learners are already looking forward to Masicule 2023.

1 thought on “Awarenet at Masicule

  • Myself being a choir singer, try imagine how fantastic this event must have been. Such a huge choir, so many voices! I wonder how one can manage rehearsals. It was surely breath-taking and evoking goose-bumps. I wish I had been there and able to hear it. Compliments to all involved.

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