Exciting new course for our learners!

On the 14th of March 2022, Awarenet started a new Green Business Skills Course in collaboration with Inkululeko. The course is funded by the United States Consulate General in Cape Town and therefore also aims to strengthen links between South Africa and the United States. The main focus of the course is on entrepreneurship and the opportunities offered by the green economy. The Awarenet and Inkululeko team, in collaboration with US partners worked together to develop a curriculum for the course which consists of lessons, activities as well as outings to various local businesses. Learners will then try develop a micro-business in their home area which is intended to be both environmentally friendly and profitable.


The course will take place every Monday afternoon and is run at three different venues, Nyaluza High School, Ntsika High School and at Awarenet’s premises at the Joza Youth Hub. Occasionally the group from the Joza Youth Hub will also use the Social Innovation Hub at Rhodes University Community Engagement (RUCE). Our learners consist of grade 10 and 11 learners that were recruited from our core group programme.

The learners are very excited by this new course as it gives them a practical example of how businesses are run and how climate change and environmental degradation impact the economy.

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