The 2nd Joza Youth Hub Open Day 2017

On the first of April, we invited the community to spend the morning at the Joza Youth Hub to get an impression of the work of the various different organizations. Every partner prepared an activity showcasing what the organization is offering to the youth. Thanks to donations from local businesses and the Communicative Ecology project by the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University we also had airtime and other prizes for the most successful participants.

We were very pleased and proud that so many people came into the computer lab to enter the VSA’s typing competition while it was constantly buzzing with activity outside. The singing competition organized by the Access Music Project seemed to be especially popular. The stage was constantly surrounded by a crowd and carried on far longer than planned.


Just next to the stage people proved their ability to concentrate despite the ongoing music by solving the chess puzzles designed by the Joza Chess Club.


The opening of the Traffic Playground was also a big success. It was definitely a highlight, especially for our younger guests. We are very much looking forward to enable the community to make use of it more often in the future.


The atmosphere was very lively. And while it was an exhausting day for us, we are super happy about how it turned out. We attracted many more people than last year and hope to continue this amazing success in the coming years.

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