Robotics Course in Makhanda

On the 26th and 27th of August 2021 Awarenet hosted a two days robotics course which was run by Mr Danie Heymans from the Care for Education . The purpose of this course  was to teach community members to become robotic trainers for local children. Through learning how to make a robot and control it  children will be able to learn the basic principle of coding. An important part of this is using LEGO bricks to make the learning process fun for the children 

For us who took part in the course  it was an amazing experience to be able to control your own  robot with a LEGO Education programme on our laptops. Everyone got a level 1 Robotics training certificate at the end of the course, the team that was working together then decided that they will continue with the training to learn more on their own every Monday and Friday.  By October everyone will be ready to teach children this interesting and future-orientated work. Danie Heymans will come back again to Makhanda in February 2022 to continue with phase two of the training. We are really happy to be able to get this opportunity to make robotics and coding an integral part of the Awarenet programme. 


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