New year, new core group

Kicking off 2020, we once again extended our educational program by establishing a new core group with grade 8 learners from the local high schools Mrwetyana, Nombulelo and Khutliso Daniels. Our core group program now ranges from the grades 8-11 and includes approximately 50 learners, all of whom we hope to support until their matric and beyond.

In our first session with the new learners we introduced the pillars of our program, the utilization of IT resources for academic purposes as well as general work with modern media. We furthermore familiarized them with the staff and philosophy of our organisation, emphasizing that our learners are part of our support network and are welcome to approach us regarding any problem they might face. Afterward we engaged in the first of many hours in our computer lab at the Joza Youth Hub in presenting a few of the digital tools that we utilize, which they explored with a lot of excitement and fresh energy.

Our second session with the new group took place at the Social Innovation Hub at Rhodes University, which we can visit regularly thanks to our cooperation with their Community Engagement initiative. These sessions not only aim to familiarize the learners with the environment of university, but also offer a refreshing alternative to our usual facilities, with fast internet, a quiet atmosphere and a spacious computer lab.

The learners highly enjoyed the beginning of their journey with awarenet and are as keen as we are on continuing with us till the end of the road.

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