Health & Fitness Day

Each year VSA works together with the learners on the topic “health and fitness” including a culmination at the end of the term. During the awarenet sessions we either played soccer, dodgeball or frisbee or we worked on blogs and forum questions. This year the health & fitness day was celebrated on the 12th of Read more about Health & Fitness Day[…]

The awarenet Health and Fitness Project

In the second term of school, we started a health and fitness project, during which we teach the learners how to keep fit and healthy  by playing sport. The schools participating in the project are Ntaba Maria PS, Good Shepard PS, C.M Vellem HPS, Seventh Day Adventist School, Archie Mbolekwa SS and Khuhliso Daniel SS. Read more about The awarenet Health and Fitness Project[…]

awarenet cares about Health and social Development

What all includes a good health? More than 200 learners from more than 5 schools investigated this question and displayed what they found out on awarenet in one big project called The Health Promotion Project during the last 6 months. They were supported by their coordinator Terri-Lynn Penney and a wide range of volunteers, including Read more about awarenet cares about Health and social Development[…]

The amazing awarenet projects of 2012!

The end of the year 2012 is approaching fast, so today I want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the amazing projects that were created by the users of awarenet. They range from health over drama to semiotics, music and equal education. Some of them are finished, some will be continued next term. Read more about The amazing awarenet projects of 2012![…]

AIDS online, offline and by UBOM! for awarenet

awarenet coordinators and learners were invited and attended a special AIDS Day together, which was hosted by Rhodes University (30/10/12) under the theme “Getting to Zero”. It included a special address by Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron on the topic “Four big issues in AIDS: prevention, testing, treatment and stigma – a Judge’s personal perspective” and Read more about AIDS online, offline and by UBOM! for awarenet[…]

Professional Talks for awareNet Users

The awareNet programme combines computer & Internet literacy training with practical projects that are interesting and important to young people. This term, the VSA has focused on life orientation after requests by several teachers and awareNet champions. awareNet users worked on a project called “Health Promotion”, which included information about fitness&health as well as about Read more about Professional Talks for awareNet Users[…]

The first awareNet Youth Fun Run

The awareNet Youth Fun Run is the VSA’s second community event that will hopefully become an annual event happening in the Grahamstown township (Rhini). The VSA plans, organises and prepares events on awareNet, together with the community, to give everyone a chance to participate, discuss their ideas and be involved in the outcome. On Peace Read more about The first awareNet Youth Fun Run[…]

This year’s number of awareNet workshop themes just exploded!

On awareNet, you can chat with your friends, upload your photos and videos, fiddle with your profile page, write witty blogs or discuss controversial topics. If all of that becomes too boring, because you have done it on numerous other websites, you can start working on a collaborative project which will take you back to Read more about This year’s number of awareNet workshop themes just exploded![…]

VSA combines computer literacy with fitness

awareNet is the social network with unlimited possibilities. A group of learners has just started another great project, and they are incredibly motivated and enthusiastic. Under the friendly and professional guidance from Terri-Lynn Penney, our new community coordinator, a group of girls combines computer literacy training with running&fitness. How does that work? The grade 9 Read more about VSA combines computer literacy with fitness[…]